Panoramic Rendering and HDRI (Part 1)

Written November 3rd, 2009
Categories: Import / Export, Rendering / Compositing, Videos

Hey everyone,

In this block of 3 video tutorials, we’ll be looking at how to render and use panoramic, 360-degree images in 3d Studio Max.  This week is part 1 where I cover how to render these “fish eye lens” images and save them out as high dynamic range images (HDR or HDRI).  It’s pretty easy to do in mental ray- just apply the “Wrap Around (lume)” lens shader, and you’re done!

In part 2 we’ll cover how to render great backgrounds with e-on software’s vue.  Finally, in part 3, I’ll show you how to bring those big renders back into 3dsMax and use them as image-based lighting.

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