Beginner’s 3d Modeling Tutorial

Written November 7th, 2009
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Modeling a 3d Toaster in 3dsMax

Modeling a 3d Toaster in 3dsMax

I found my old toaster tutorial on 3dTotal and figured I’d give it a link.  It’s a very slow paced beginner’s modeling tutorial.  Great for people just starting out with 3d Studio Max.

I actually remember when I was starting out with 3DSMax and I realized there aren’t enough tutorials out there that really walk you through every click, movement, and heartbeat of production.  That’s why I decided to model a toaster and document every process along the way.  With any luck, if you follow this tutorial, you should end up with something that looks like my toaster here.

P.S. I’ll be going through various 3d tutorial libraries I know and cataloging the good ones here.  It’s a good thing to do because a) people don’t find the good tutorials if I don’t post them, and b) I’ve always wanted a place that I can go to find my favorite tutorials.  I figured maybe you’d appreciate it too.  🙂

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