First Impressions of VRay

Written January 20th, 2010
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First Shot at VRay

First Attempt at VRay

Hey all,

I’ve been having trouble finding someone who has VRay that would be willing to let me borrow it, so I’ve decided to just download the trial version and work from there.  Within the first 20 minutes of fooling around I managed to create the image on the right.

My first impression of VRay is positive.  The interface is tight and flows smoothly from lighting, to materials, to GI and depth of field blur.  I felt at home very quickly since everything feels like it’s in nice, logical places and the settings respond in reasonable ways.  On the downside, I’m noticing a distinct lack of presets and quick settings that prevent you from really going into second gear.  This is something that the mental ray renderer discovered several versions ago and corrected for.  Also, it has a really annoying habit of turning off GI and caustics settings between renders.

I’ll add more as it happens, but so far it looks like there may be VRay video tutorials in our future.

EDIT: I noticed also that the demo version is SP2 while the documentation is for SP4.  There are a lot of features missing- I’ve e-mailed the ChaosGroup to see what we can work out.

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