Keep Watching, I Might Do A Trick

Written December 18th, 2008
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Hey everyone,

Sorry I’ve been out of contact lately.  It’s been a crazy week of work and dealing with real-life stuff..  The weather here in San Francisco has gotten much colder, so I can’t ride my bike to work anymore; I have to carpool.  And that means getting up earlier and coming home later.  I’m also sick of sleeping on two inches of foam, so I’m buying a real mattress which is a hassle all by itself.  Finally, I’m working on two awesome new websites, which I’ll announce when they’re closer to being finished.

In the meantime, stay tuned. This weekend’s looking pretty free for me. Some of my bigger side projects are taking a breather (except for the 2 new websites), meaning I should have time for another written tutorial.  I also feel guilty for not making any posts this week except for my (late) Monday Movie.  The tutorial will probably be a “part 2” to the first mental ray lighting tutorial I did.  That one was a little on the “walkthrough” side and didn’t cover as much material as I’d wanted, so this next one will be a little more abstract and talk about light types.


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