Material Randomizer Script Download

Written March 12th, 2011
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This script will allow you to assign material IDs randomly to a selection of editable_poly objects in 3dsMax.  They must be editable_poly objects and it will replace the material of the objects.  Don’t worry- you can hit “undo” and it’ll reverse the assignment if you don’t like the outcome.  It’s a fast and easy way to assign random colors to your selection

  • By Object
  • By Sub-Object (element)
  • By Smoothing Group
  • By Polygon

To use the tool, just run the script from any location and it’ll pop up with the dialog window with your options.  Make sure you’ve selected the objects you want to assign random materials to!


Click this link to download the Material-Randomizer-v0.84. To install, just download the zip file and decompress it into your plugins/std folder. You can also run it directly by running it from the Maxscript menu.

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