Good News/Bad News

Written January 24th, 2009
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Hey everyone,

This is just a quick blog update; I don’t have new tutorials today. The bad news is that by using WordPress, I’ve exposed myself to every Pyroxin, Detromethanol, and Mydixadrupin spammer on the planet. This means that my responses to post comments is going to be delayed or halted for the time being. I’m really really sorry!

The good news is that I’m experimenting with some new techniques for my Monday Movies. This means sharper, better sounding video embeds on the site! You’ll love it!

This week’s topic is going to be a fascinating look at various clay rendering techniques. I’d also like to get a particle flow primer coming down the pipe, but I’ve started playing EVE Online, which has grossly impacted my productivity.

More to follow!

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