Modeling Core – Part 4

Written December 30th, 2008
Categories: Modeling, Videos
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Hey Everyone!

This week’s Monday Movie is part 4 of 4. I’m hoping to make one movie each week discussing what I think are the core modeling methods: primitives modeling, Boolean modeling, spline modeling, and poly Modeling. I’m very sorry this movie was delayed; the holidays snuck up on me, and then my display adapter went nuts literally as I was about to upload the video file.

In this video I’m talking about how you can create fully arbitrary meshes using the turbosmooth modifier.  Remember that this is just an introduction to a branch of poly modeling, so it shouldn’t be taken as the full enumeration of all possibilities.  I go over a few of the most important methods of mesh control; adding edges, chamfering, discontinuous mesh flow, and creasing.

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