Cutting & Dressing Texture Maps

Written January 16th, 2009
Categories: UVWs / Texturing, Videos

I’m afraid I don’t have a new tutorial for you, so in exchange I’m offering two neat bits. The first is that I’m uploading the Monday Movie a few days early this week, so that you can enjoy it that much sooner. It also shows you that I’ve been working on something so you don’t think I was goofing off- ignoring my promise of a new 3dsMax tutorial.

The other neat thing is that this Monday Movie is special! I’ve added a whole new intro sequence, and the video footage is now in wide-screen. I know it’s a little blurry, but trust me; next week is going to be sharper than your mom’s opinions. Fun!

This week’s Monday movie is about cutting and dressing texture maps by using what your perception of the diffuse map is. I show you a paint-chips texture, and because I know the materials that are present in the image I’m able to pull out a bump map and a glossy/specular map as well!

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