3d Studio Max

Particle Planting

Plant 44000 stadium chairs with 4 different materials through particle flow and maxscript

Calculate GI through various renderers

In these max video tutorials watch how to calculate the GI and achieve realistic results through vray, mental ray & brazil

How to use Ragdoll and Reactor

In this small tutorial try to explain how to use Ragdoll and Reactor Water for floating the body over water effect

Modeling Calculator

This tutorial will walk you through the steps to creating a calculator. First of all, In Customize> Unit Setup change display unit scale to metric and select...

Create Neon Light with Vray

How to create neon lights with Vray. As you can see, in this particular scene, I pay little attention to objects that are not in view of the camera.

Modeling Punching Machine

Hello everyone, Are you ready to create a punching machine in 3ds max? In this tutorial we will work with polygon, slice plane, shape merge, editable poly, s...

Efficient Use of Vray Camera in Dark Room

How do you make a picture in real life when the light is too dark? Here learn to use a vray camera efficiently

Architectural Visualization with HDRI Sky

In this tutorial, we will illuminate an exterior architectural scene with help from Vray and a HDR image (High Dynamic Range Image, or HDRI for short) from H...

The Easy Way

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how simple and precise UVmapping can be using DEEPUV.

Project Setup/Management

This tutorial is dedicated to freelancers and technical directors in smaller companies who aren't blessed with an alien brain server and haven't set up Asset...

Illuminate Interior using Exterior Light

In this tutorial, we will illuminate the scene with the help of one light source and one HDRI. This is a step by step tutorial, with images to grasp the gene...

Caustics through Mental Ray

Caustics are really great light effects that you can observe in liquids, glass objects and gems. We are able to simulate this effect with 3D Studio Max perfe...

Mental Ray Illumination

Tutorial which simulates the illumination techniques of a photo studio. Ideal for Industrial/ Product/ Furniture Design

Studio Lighting in Vray

In this tutorial I will tell you the method of studio lighting. For the rendering I used Vray 1.5rc3, the latest version of the program. This famous chair ca...

Create Easter Color Egg

Hi ! I'm Mehdi . In this tutorial I will show you how we can create an egg and how we can make texture for it . May be it's very banal for you , but I think ...

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