Introduction to Poly Painting

This is an introduction to using the Poly Painting tools to create textures for your sculpts.

ZBrush Specular Map painting

Hello everyone, I have decided to take the initiative and create a small tutorial on visualizing secular values on a ZBrush mesh.

Topology tools in ZBrush

Using the topo tools to produce geometry to add on to a mesh. This is a very small & easy example of how to mount a mesh in topo tools and navigate within to...

Getting Started with ZSpheres

The art of using ZSpheres is a practice of patience, so in this chapter we will be looking at the very basics of the technology behind the spheres and how to...

Setting up Image Planes

You will learn how to setup and use your own images on planes to assist you in modeling props and characters.

Modelling the Human Skull

When you create anything with ZBrush, you first of all have to think: What makes up the structure of this creature? So it's a natural fit that the skull will...

Zbrush Interface and Navigation

With all 3D programmers, the first thing you should start out with is Navigation. This Chapter in ZBrush deals with basic Navigation and some tools to get yo...

Masking in Zbrush

This tutorial looks at the uses of masking in Zbrush.

Antomy of the Human Arm and Shoulder

This tutorial goes over the anatomy of the human shoulder in an easy to understand fashion in order to improve your understanding of shape and form.

Antomy of the Human Face

This tutorial goes over the anatomy of the Human Face to help improve your understanding of the human form and create more natural faces.

Transpose Master and Poseable Symmetry

Transpose Master and Poseable Symmetry is our new video tutorial for ZBrush.

Zbrush UV explanation

Before I go more into UVs I will be showing various coloring techniques that will help explain why good UVs should be made for a model. UVs are only importan...

Hair sculpting

This tutorial will go over a technique for sculpting hair in Zbrush.

Bird of Prey

This tutorial explains how to create a realistic bird bust. Techniques like, feather creation are covered.

Creation of the Captain

I am going to show you how to create the making of The Captain - my latest work - from modeling and rendering, to composing and post effects.

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