nVidia: Mobile 3d Handled Server-Side?

Written November 16th, 2009
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Hey all,

I’ll have this week’s Monday Movie up shortly.  I just wanted to make a quick post with this link.  Turns out nVidia’s RealityServer is slated to handle the 3d rendering server-side and then pipe the result to devices that lack the power to do it locally like mobile devices or netbooks.

This has huge implications for mobile and web-based gaming.  Take a look at the whole article here.

RealityServer is Nvidia’s attempt to bring 3D to any computing platform that supports a browser or standard Web services calls, including netbooks and smartphones.

By moving the CPU-crushing rendering requirements of creating high-resolution images and animations off of the client and onto a back-end computer, Nvidia hopes to bring complex graphics applications like fluid dynamics, architectural design, real-time product styling and design, 3D video games, to computing platforms that don’t have the processing power to run them locally.

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