UVW Channels

Written January 11th, 2009
Categories: UVWs / Texturing, Videos

Hey Everyone!

I’ve got a new monday movie for you.  This week we’re looking at UVW channels and how you can use them to create more than one UV layout for your objects.  Why is this important?  Well, for one thing, it lets you use different UVW layouts for different maps in your material- allowing you to assign displacement maps after you’ve set up the rest of the material.  You could also use this (theoretically) to juice your maps for all their worth in a low-poly situation.  You might only need opacity mapping for part of the character, so why not get all 1024×1024 for that spot?

Anyway, in this video we’re looking at the first scenario; applying a displacement map to an object already set up with a material.

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