Rendering / Compositing

Baking Ambient Occlusion

This video shows you the step-by-step process for rendering a baked Ambient Occlusion Map in 3dsMax.

Glare Effects

This week's Monday Movie is about how you can create a light glare effect in your renders both in Photoshop and using mental ray's "Glare" shader.

Depth of Field

In this Monday Movie I show you how to use depth of field in 3dsMax's scanline renderer and in mental ray.

mental ray Displacement Quality

In this Monday Movie I show you how to tweak mental ray displacement settings in 3dsMax. Learn how to speed up your renders or get sub-pixel displacement!

Clay Rendering vs Ambient Occlusion

Clay rendering in 3dsMax is probably the most important skill every arch-viz student and practitioner should have.

Precomputed vs Manual Lighting

In this week's video tutorial, we'll look at the difference between pre-computed lighting (like Final Gather) and manual 3d lighting techniques.

mental ray Sun & Sky

Learn how to use mental ray's Sun & Sky in this week's 3dsMax video tutorial!

Making a Waterbox

In this video tutorial, we'll look at how you can create a waterbox in 3d Studio Max- perfect for learning caustics!

Sub-Surface Scattering

In this second Monday Movie, we'll talk about how you can use Sub-Surface Scattering in mental ray to get materials like skin and milk.