Sub-Surface Scattering Guide Part 2

This is the definitive guide to sub-surface scattering (SSS) in mental ray for 3d Studio Max. In part 2 we go over more advanced features of SSS!

Sub-Surface Scattering Guide Part 1

This is the definitive guide to sub-surface scattering (SSS) in mental ray for 3d Studio Max. In part 1 we go over the basics of how to use SSS!

The 3d Displacement Shader

In this quick walkthrough, I'll show you how to use the mental ray 3d displacement shader in your 3ds Max materials.

OCZ Solid State Drives, RAID-0

I've installed two OCZ Vertex Turbo 60GB solid state drives and created a RAID-0 array. This is a walkthrough of how I did it.

Turbosquid Primer

In this extended tutorial, I'll be showing you how to earn passive income through Turbosquid (or any content syndication platform).

Downloading, Viewing, and Editing YouTube .MP4 Files

This post is to show you how to download these MP4 files, view them in Windows Media Player or VLC, and edit them in Virtual Dub.

Optimal YouTube Upload Format

In this post, I'll show you how I get the highest quality uploads for my Monday Movie series using free software.

Ink & Paint Primer

In this tutorial, we'll be looking at how to effectively use the Ink & Paint shader in 3dsMax. There are visual examples of each feature plus techniques to make your renders pop!

Insert Mono-Spaced Vertices in Edges

This post shows you how to create equally spaced vertices along many edges in 3dsMax.

Introduction to 3dsMax Particles

A half-hour guide showing you what particles are, how to control them, and how they can save you a lot of time.

Introduction to Anti-Aliasing

In this tutorial I’ll be giving you a background on what anti-aliasing and sub-sampling mean in 3dsMax.

World-Machine Colors and Mixing Tutorial

This tutorial covers creating custom color overlay maps in World-Machine 2. I go over every mixing device to show you the diversity of tools at your disposal.

3dsMax Caustics Tutorial

Caustics in 3dsMax are made easy with step-by-step instructions in this PDF tutorial.

An Introduction to World Machine

Learn how to use World-Machine 2 to create procedural terrains for export to 3d Studio Max, Terragen, and more.

Intermediate mental ray Lighting

This extended tutorial shows you how I lit an interior office scene using mental ray area lights and Sun & Sky.