VRay Depth of Field

This week we'll be taking an "in depth" look at how you can set up a depth of field blur effect in VRay for 3d Studio Max.

Parti Volume Shader

In this video, we'll look at how you can use the Parti Volume shader in mental ray to quickly create mist or volumetric lighting effects.

VRay Displacement

This week's Monday Movie is on VRay displacement and map-based materials.

VRay Area Lights

This week we'll be taking a look at how you can use VRay area lights in 3d Studio Max. Let's light this warehouse like it's at night...

VRay Glass and Metal

This week we're looking at the VRay material creation paradigm by creating glass and metal materials.

VRay Sun & Sky

In this Monday Movie I'll show you just how easy it is to set up Sun & Sky lighting in VRay!

Old School Sun & Sky

Learn how to create sun & sky effects the old school way- with nothing but a skylight and a direct light.

X-Ray Effect

Learn how to create a sweet X-Ray rendering effect in this week's 3dsMax Video Tutorial!

Basic Render Elements

This week we'll take a look at how you can use basic render elements to enhance your render in Photoshop!

MaxScript Rollouts

Learn how to use MaxScript rollouts as we create a random selection utility in 3d Studio Max!

MaxScript Basics

Get a very first introduction to MaxScript with this week's bite-sized 3dsMax video tutorial!

Submerge (lume) Shader

This week I'll be showing you how to use the submerge (lume) shader in 3dsMax and mental ray.

(Re)Making a Waterbox

This week I'm showing you how to create a water box in 3dsMax using the mental ray renderer.

Boolean Splines

This week I'm showing you a fast and lightweight technique for creating boolean objects with splines.

mental ray Matte/Shadow

This week, we're looking at how you can use matte/shadow materials in the mental ray renderer.